Dial-up prices and plans.

$8.90 per month Unlimited Dial Up Internet

$8.90/month Dial Up
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Critical Informatin Summary

Local call costs.

Our local call dial-up access number 0198 333 966 is available Australia wide.

Free anti-virus email scanning.

All email delivered to Australia On Line email boxes is virus scanned. Email to non-Australia On Line email addresses such as Hotmail and the like cannot be scanned by Australia On Line's anti-virus filter. To benefit from Australia On Line's free anti-virus filter you will need to use one of the 20 free Australia On Line email boxes that are included with this plan.

Free anti-spam email filtering.

Unsolicited junk email is a growing problem. Australia On Line's junk email filtering is very effective. This plan provides optional free junk email filtering for each of the 20 email boxes included with this service. You can choose to apply junk email filtering to any of your Australia On Line email boxes.

Terms & conditions.

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