Dial-up Turbocharger™ help, questions and answers.

What is NOW!Imaging?

The Australia On Line Dial-up Turbocharger™ uses NOW!Imaging technology to help you see webpages faster than normal while minimising any loss in picture quality.

(NOW!Imaging is included with the Microsoft Windows version of the Dial-up Turbocharger™ and is only activated if Internet Explorer 6 is installed. NOW!Imaging is not available for the Mac OS X Dial-up Turbocharger™.)

A webpage is usually made up of lots of separate files. On a typical page, the writing is one file, and every single photo and picture is a separate file.

Internet Explorer and other web browsers show you each file of a webpage one at a time, and in no particular order. Sometimes the first thing a web browser tries to show you is an image, and if the image is big or complex, it can take a long time to get from the internet to your computer, and you're stuck waiting for that first image to finish downloading before you can see the rest of the page.

The Dial-up Turbocharger™ without NOW!Imaging speeds up websites by compressing each webpage file-- making it smaller-- before sending it through your phone line to your computer. Because there's less data going over your internet connection, you see the image or writing on your computer quicker than normal.

The Dial-up Turbocharger™ with NOW!Imaging speeds up websites by sending you all of the files at the same time, so you don't have to wait for slow files to finish before you can start reading the page.

The images start off compressed so you can see straight away what the picture's basically about. Then, while you continue reading the webpage, the Dial-up Turbocharger™ keeps downloading the pictures to improve their image quality.

You control how much trade-off the Dial-up Turbocharger™ makes between speed and picture quality.

At its best the Dial-up Turbocharger™ can deliver webpages to your computer up to 19 times faster.

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