About the SMS 'To' phone number

The "04xx xxx xxx nickname" on the Australia On Line SMS page is the mobile phone number that will receive your SMS.

For example, [0491 570 156].

Remembering the phone numbers

After you send an SMS, the website remembers the phone number you sent it to.

Even the next time you come back to the Australia On Line website on the same computer, you don't have to type the phone number in again. Choose it from the box that says "or choose a number".

For example, a list of remembered 'To' phone numbers: [-or choose a number-] and [0491 570 156 Robbo].

Giving phone numbers a nickname

When you type in a phone number with a name (put a space in between the number and name), the website remembers which phone number goes with that name.

For example, [0491 570 156 Robbo].

Next time you want to text the same person, you can type in the name instead of the phone number.

For example, [Robbo].

If you texted 0491 570 156 Robbo before, next time, you can type in just Robbo, and that will send the SMS to Robbo's number 0491 570 156.

Changing numbers or nicknames

If you have a phone number and you want to change its name, type in the same phone number with the new name, and after you send an SMS to this number, the website will remember the new name.

If you have a name and you want to change its phone number, type in the new phone number with the same name, and after you send an SMS to this number, the website will remember the new number.

Deleting remembered phone numbers and nicknames

To delete the phone numbers and names, click the "Delete remembered names & numbers" link at the bottom of the SMS page.

This will delete all remembered information, including everything in the "choose a number" list and your email.

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