Dial-up Turbocharger™ overview and pricing.

From only $1.90 per month, plus 18c/megabyte to a maximum of $8.90 per month - does not include dial-up access. (Windows and Mac OS X versions.)

Dial-up Turbocharger™.

Is your dial-up too slow? Are you sick of waiting for web pages rather than surfing?

Australia On Line's Dial-up Turbocharger™ accelerates the arrival of web pages and email. Web pages and email generally arrive 5 times faster and even up to 19 times faster in some cases.

The Dial-up Turbocharger™ also features ...

  • An option to block some advertisements,
  • An ability to turn down image clarity to increase speed,
  • Sophisticated proprietary NOW!Imaging technology (Windows version only).

Works with any ISP's dial-up.

Just add Australia On Line's Dial-up Turbocharger™ to any dial-up plan from any ISP and experience faster speed!

You can accelerate your web surfing right now without changing ISP or your email address by purchasing the Dial-up Turbocharger™ alone and using it in conjunction with your existing dial-up account with your existing ISP.

Alternatively, you can purchase a dial-up connection from Australia On Line and get Dial-up Turbocharger™ included free as one easy cost effective pack from Australia On Line starting from only $3.90 per month.

Demonstration of the Dial-up Turbocharger™ speed improvement.

See the difference the Dial-up Turbocharger™ makes in our demo.

More information about the Dial-up Turbocharger™.

Read more details about the Dial-up Turbocharger™, what it does, and how it does it.

Terms & conditions for the Dial-up Turbocharger™.

Read the Dial-up Turbocharger™ terms & conditions.

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