How the Dial-up Turbocharger™ works.

Dial-up Turbocharger™.

Australia On Line's Dial-up Turbocharger™ accelerates the arrival of web pages and email.

Web pages and email generally arrive 5 times faster and even up to 19 times faster in some cases.

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What is it?

It's a type of computer software called a web accelerator, web doubler, or web compressor.

The major reason dial-up internet connections are slow is that the link between your computer and your ISP is small, hence it's often referred to as narrow-band as opposed to broad band. If the information retrieved from the Internet is compressed (made smaller) before it is passed through the narrow connection to your computer then the information can be passed to you faster and your web access will be accelerated.

Once installed, it runs in the background and automatically speeds up your net access without you having to do anything extra.

Can I use the Dial-up Turbocharger™?

You need a dial-up internet connection with any ISP.

You need Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X 10.2 (or newer) running on your computer. It won't work on Windows 95 or older Windows versions. It won't work on Mac OS 9 or OS X 10.1 or older Apple computers.

The maximum speed improvement occurs with the sophisticated NOW!Imaging technology. NOW!Imaging requires the use of Internet Explorer 6 or newer on your computer.

The Dial-up Turbocharger™ still works if you don't have Internet Explorer or if you have an older version, but it doesn't use NOW!Imaging. (What is NOW!Imaging?)

(The Mac OS X version of the Dial-up Turbocharger™ does not use NOW!Imaging.)

What gets accelerated?

Australia On Line Dial-up Turbocharger™ speeds up the following elements of the internet:

  • Web pages,
  • Website code (such as HTML, CSS, Javascript),
  • Flash and Flash animations,
  • Photos, illustrations, icons, graphics, and images (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, Bitmap),
  • FTP,
  • Email (SMTP, POP, IMAP).

What will not be accelerated?

Some things on the internet can't be accelerated:

  • Audio, video, and streaming media,
  • Secure pages, such as those used for online banking, online shopping, and credit card forms.

How does it work?

A website is made up of lots of different files: There might be one file for the writing you read, plus one file for every photo, plus one file for code, for example.

When you connect to the internet using dial-up, each of these website files is transmitted from the computer running the website, crossing countries and oceans through cables, and finally passing over your phone line down into your own computer, for you to see.

When there are lots of files, or the files are very large, it can take a long time to get them all sent to your computer.

The Australia On Line Dial-up Turbocharger™ sits in the middle of this transmitting process, and before sending any files over your phone line it compresses them — squeezes every little last bit out of them to make them as small as possible — so that there is much less data being transferred overall.

With less data going over your phone line, you'll receive websites at up to nineteen times the speed of normal dial-up.

The NOW!Imaging technology used by the Dial-up Turbocharger™ further speeds up your web browsing by sending you all of a webpage's files at the same time.

This means you don't need to wait for slow files (like big or complex images) to finish downloading before you can start reading the writing on the page.

Additional features

The Dial-up Turbocharger™ software also includes:

  • Pop-Up Blocker — Block annoying pop-up advertisements while surfing. (Windows version only.)
  • Banner-Ad Blocking — Stop the ads and surf faster.

What are the trade-offs?

Compressing picture elements of a webpage so that there's less data to send over your phone line usually results in lower picture quality on your screen.

You control how much trade-off the Dial-up Turbocharger™ makes between speed and picture quality. The faster you want your browsing, the lower the quality will be.

You can always see the pictures at their full original quality, no matter what your setting is. You can choose individual pictures to see it's original quality, or you can easily choose to see all the images on the page at their original quality.

With NOW!Imaging, you'll see the basic outline of the page's pictures as soon as possible, then as you read the webpage, the pictures continue to download and improve their image quality until they reach your chosen quality setting.

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